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HT-10D 1T Mini Excavator

HT-10D 1T Mini Excavator
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    HT-10D 1T Mini Excavator
HT-10D 1T Mini Excavator
HT-10D 1T Mini Excavator

    HT-10D 1T Mini Excavator Introduction

    Dynamical System

    High quality Yanmar / Kubota / Briggs&Stratton/Changchai / Koop engine can ensure the reliability of the machine under bad working conditions.Come with red flexible coupling that acts as a shock absorber. If the engine jumps or the different shafts act, this will compensate.
    Oil Supply System

    lubricating oil pressure alarm system for protect the machine, it will be alarm automatically if no lubricating oil.
    ▲ The hydraulic tank breathing valve has a pressure compensating valve and air filtering function. The other manufacturersmachines are only one cover, no pressure.
    ▲ The entrance of the hydraulic oil tank is equipped with magnets to prevent tiny objects such as rust from entering the hydraulic oil tank
    Cooling System

    Built-in sealed exhaust fan and good cooling system ensure the machine does not heat up and extend the service life
    Running System

    Travel motor come with three hose, one is the unloading pipe, prevents the internal pressure of the motor from being too high, and the internal high-temperature oil will be discharged in the unloading pipe to improve the service life of the traveling motor.
    Stable Equilibrium System

    ISO TOPS/ROPS TEST analysis system is used in the 4-leg driving shed, which is safe and reliable with
    high stability.New Cast iron counter weight to ensure more balanced digging force.

    EPA/CE,ISO certificate Optional: Boom swing Color can choose Red, Yellow, Blue, accept customized.

    HT-10D 1T Mini Excavator
HT-10D 1T Mini Excavator
HT-10D 1T Mini Excavator

    HT-10D 1T Mini Excavator Parameter





    Digging bucket capacity


    Bucket width



    KOOP 192F

    Optional Engine


    Bore stroke

    Single cylinder, fan cool

    Rated power


    Main pump




    Swing motor

    SANYANG (BMRS 250)

    Traveling motor

    SANYANG (BMT-245)

    Travel speed

    1.5kilómetros por hora

    Main Demensions

    Dimensión global( LxWxH)

    2775x 930 x 2219 milímetro


    910 milímetro

    Total length of track


    Platform ground clearance


    Platform back turming radius

    784 milímetro

    Chassis width

    896 milímetro

    Track width

    180 milímetro

    Chassis ground clearance

    132 milímetro

    Track height

    320 milímetro

    Operating Range

    Max. Digging depth

    1650 milímetro

    Max. Vertical digging depth

    1375 milímetro

    Max. Digging height

    2610 milímetro

    Max. Dumping height

    1850 milímetro

    Max. Digging radius on ground

    2850 milímetro

    Min. Rotation radius

    1330 milímetro

    Max. Upgrade height of bulldozer blade

    345 milímetro

    Max. Digging depth of blldozer blade

    255 milímetro




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