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Jengkaut Mini HT-10B 1T

Jengkaut Mini HT-10B 1T
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    Jengkaut Mini HT-10B 1T Jengkaut Mini HT-10B 1T Jengkaut Mini HT-10B 1T Jengkaut Mini HT-10B 1T Jengkaut Mini HT-10B 1T

    HT-10B 1T Mini Excavator Advantage

    1. The important components on the machine from developed countries :Japan main hydraulic pump,Italy main valve ,Italy swing motor and travelling motor .

    2. Use domestic well-known brand Changchai 192F engine, strong power and stable working,or popular Koop Engine to meet Europe emission demand. Cooperate with US BRIGGS &STRATTON Engine to meet USA emission demand .

    Other factories only can use common diesel engine,which can not meet USA and Europe emission demand .

    3. The hydraulic pipes all imported from Continental AG Germany Company .Not Easy to leak .

    Other factories use lower quality high pressure pipe ,leaks everywhere after working one year.

    4.100 kg counterweight is added to the rear of the machine which making the machine work more stable and powerful

    5. The structural parts of the machine are processed by Japan Komatsu supporting manufacturers, and the whole vehicle is shot blasted, pickled, phosphated, and sprayed, which increases the adhesion of the paint molecules, and is more durable, non-bleaching and smoother.

    Other manufacturers do not have these procedures, only simply polish and spray paint, which is easy to get rusty

    6. The machine adds a pressure reducing valve device, which makes it easier to start when the machine starts.

    No pressure reducing valve ,hard to start machine .

    7. The dozer blade length can be adjusted according to the scope of work: 84cm-105cm,the dozer blade working height can be adjusted from -15cm to 15cm highest .

    Other factories can only do fix length at 1000mm

    8. The crawler can be stretched from minimum 830 to maximum 1000mm which and can pass through more narrow places .

    Other factories wheelbase can be only designed fix at 910mm

    9:The boom can be deflected by 60 degrees turning left and right, making the job more flexible.

    Other factories can only design fix boom or just turning by 30 degrees .

    HT-10B 1T Mini Excavator Parameter

    Model HT-10
    Berat badan 1000kg
    Digging bucket capacity 0.025cbm/120kg
    Bucket width 380mm
    KOOP 192F
    Optional Engine BRIGGS & STRATTON YANMAR
    Bore stroke Single cylinder, fan cool
    Kuasa yang diberi nilai
    Main pump
    Displacement 6.8ml/r
    Swing motor
    SANYANG (BMRS-250)
    Traveling motor
    SANYANG (BMT-245)
    Kelajuan perjalanan 1. 5km/h
    Main Demensions
    Overall dimension( LxWxH) 2775 X 930 x 2219 mm
    910 mm
    Total length of track 1230mm
    Platform ground clearance 380mm
    Platform back turming radius 784 mm
    Chassis width 896 mm
    Lebar trek 180 mm
    Chassis ground clearance 132 mm
    Track height 320 mm
    Operating Range
    Maks. Digging depth 1650 mm
    Maks. Vertical digging depth 1375 mm
    Maks. Digging height 2610 mm
    Maks. Dumping height 1850 mm
    Maks. Digging radius on ground 2850 mm
    Min. Rotation radius 1330 mm
    Maks. Upgrade height of bulldozer blade 345mm
    Maks. Digging depth of bulldozer blade 255 mm


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